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Hardware and software upgrades

If your PC or Mac is showing signs of age, if you want a speed boost or an increase in storage capacity, upgrades can usually be done in a short period of time, and our prices are extremely competitive.

Hardware upgrades

Why buy a whole new computer, including the CPU housing, mouse, keyboard, monitor and peripherals, when the ones you have can be added to, taking advantage of the latest technological advances?

With the advent of broadband services and the wide range of media available online (e.g. music, images, video), you may find that your existing systems can't cope with the increased demand for processing power, memory requirements and hard disk space. With many of today's applications requiring high-performance computers, a hardware upgrade can give a significant boost to your existing system.

CPUs, RAM, hard drives, graphics accelerators and high-performance sound cards have dramatically decreased in price over the last few years, and you may be surprised what new life can be given to existing components. Rather than replacing a whole PC, a new motherboard is like having a brand-new computer in the same box.

Selecting the right components for your system can take a lot of leg-work. Why spend the time researching what parts are suitable and available, when we can do the job quickly and easily for you? If you already know what you need but are wary of opening up your computer(s) to install new hardware, we also offer an installation-only service.

Please contact us for more information on hardware upgrades.

Software upgrades

If you want or need to upgrade to newer versions of operating system or application software, we can purchase, install and configure it for you. With the advent of Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems, you may find that system stability and overall performance are much improved over previous versions. It's important to keep your system up to date by applying the latest patches, particularly with the multitude of Windows security issues.

As regards application software, we can recommend which upgrades are advisable, and which may not be worth the extra money. We offer a full installation and configuration service ensuring your satisfaction.

After-sales support

All hardware and software upgrades come with 30 days of free telephone and email support. Hardware generally comes with at least a one year return-to-base guarantee. If you have a requirement for ongoing technical support, please contact us for a quote.

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